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Snooker Tournament

• Tuesday nights The Corner Bank has six red handicapped snooker tournaments. All levels of snooker players are welcome to join in and take a shot at winning some cash. Start time is 7:00pm sharp. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ANNOUNCING: "THE GTA SIX RED SNOOKER TOUR" Handicaps range from -8 to 32 and the Main Events will be unseeded. The first event at The Corner Bank was a huge success! Event II took place at Monte Carlo Billiards in Mississauga in mid January and also enjoyed a great amount of success.  The entry fee for all GTA events has been reduced to $100 (Calcuttas will take place the Friday nights prior to the Saturday matches being scheduled). There will be qualifiers held throughout the GTA. Participating venues include Monte Carlo Billiards in Mississauga, Master Q in Markham, Fredrick Mall Billiards in Kitchener and Strokers in London.   Monte Carlo and Master Q will also be hosting Main Events. For more info on the GTA Tour contact Jim at The Corner Bank, Ross at Monte Carlo or Ricky at Master Q. ********************************************************************** 

Eight Ball Bar Box

• 8-BALL LEAGUES run every week. Monday and Thursday are CPA leagues and Wednesday is the Corner Bank in-house cash league. To register for any of these weekly leagues contact John White at The Corner Bank. PLUS.......The Corner Bank now runs "Scotch Doubles" 8-ball tournaments on scheduled weekends, for more info and to register contact John White at The Corner Bank (416) 757-2265 or via email at:

9 Ball Tournament

• The Corner Bank will soon be scheduling weekly handicapped nine ball tournaments run by Canadian Champ, Erik Hjorleifson. These will take place on Monday evenings with some bigger added $$$ events scheduled for Sundays. Stay tuned for more details as these events become finalized. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$                                              THE GTA 9-BALL SERIES WILL BE STARTING ON FEBRUARY 6 & 7.  THESE ARE HANDICAPPED EVENTS WITH $2000 ADDED TO EACH TOURNAMENT.  EACH MONTH WILL SEE A NEW EVENT.  (To register contact John or Jim at The Corner Bank 416 757-2265). THE CORNER BANK WISHES TO EXPRESS OUR SINCERE APPRECIATION TO OUR EVENT SPONSORS, FALCON CUE, SIMONIS CLOTH, ARAMITH BALLS AND STEAMWHISTLE BREWERY.  Their support is making these tournaments possible so please acknowledge our sponsors at every opportunity to thank them in the best way possible.  For more info please contact The Corner Bank and ask for either John White or Jim Wych........................................... ITS BACK!! Announcing The "KING OF THE HILL" February 27-28. Contact us for more info and how to register............

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10 Ball Tournament

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