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Corner Bank

Night of play: Wednesdays

An in-house league that has a dedicated following, this is a fun night out that offers competetive play for all skill levels. One selling feature of this league is a cash prize at the end of every session. There are also special events such as money-added tournaments which are specifically for league teams.

Contact John White for more information.



Night of play: Tuesdays

Founded in 1979, the VNEA has shown tremendous growth, success and stability by expanding from 2,500 members the initial season to nearly 100,000 players currently. This league is ideal for slightly more experienced and skilled players who want to challenge themselves against similarly skilled opponents.

Contact John White for more information.



Night of play: Mondays, Thursdays

One of the hallmarks of this league is the unique handicapping and scoring system that makes it possible for players of different playing abilities — especially novices and beginners — to compete on an equal basis. We have double jeopardy (8 and 9 ball), as well as 8 ball on Monday nights. Thursday night play is 8 ball.

Contact Chris Pegg for more information.